Expansive Production Facility

With a state-of-the-art production facility located in Broussard, LA that spans over 9 acres, Reagan Power & Compression features three impressive shops that collectively occupy more than 61,000 square feet. Each shop is designed to cater to specific aspects of our operations, ensuring optimum efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Reagan Power & Compression facilities


Piping, Vessel, and Skid Welding Facility

Our dedicated Piping, Vessel, and Skid Welding Facility spans 18,000 square feet, providing ample space for our highly skilled welders to meticulously craft each piece, paying attention to even the smallest details to ensure flawless performance and longevity. With eight bays available, we have the capacity to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

To facilitate heavy lifting, we have equipped this facility with two 40-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Cranes and two 15-ton Single-Hoist Overhead Cranes. With a generous hook height of 36′-0″, we can maneuver large and complex components with ease.


  • 18,000 sq. ft
  • Eight (8) bays
  • Two (2) 40-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Cranes

  • Two (2) 15-ton Single-Hoist Overhead Cranes

  • 36’-0” Hook Height

Overhaul Facility

Within our 13,000 square feet Overhaul Facility, we perform engine and compressor overhauls, as well as maintain a comprehensive parts warehouse. This dedicated space accommodates eight bays, ensuring that our team has the room needed to perform meticulous overhauls and repairs. Our meticulous approach to overhauling engines and compressors guarantees enhanced performance and extended lifespans, saving you time and money.

To support heavy lifting requirements, we have installed one 30-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Crane and one 15-ton Single-Hoist Overhead Crane. With a hook height of 36′-0″, we can efficiently maneuver equipment and components during the overhaul process.


  • 13,000 sq. ft.
  • Eight (8) Bays
  • One (1) 30-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Crane
  • One (1) 15-ton Single-Hoist Overhead Crane
  • 36’-0” Hook Height

Package Assembly Facility

Our expansive 30,000 square feet Package Assembly Facility is where the final assembly and completion of projects take place. A custom compressor packager as well as generator packager, our skilled technicians meticulously bring together all the components, ensuring a seamless integration and exceptional quality in the finished product. It is here that your vision becomes a reality.

With twelve bays at our disposal, we can efficiently manage multiple assembly projects simultaneously. This facility is equipped with four 40-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Cranes, ensuring seamless and safe lifting of heavy components. With a remarkable hook height of 38′-0″, we have the capacity to handle large-scale assemblies with precision and accuracy.


  • 30,000 sq. ft.
  • Twelve (12) Bays
  • Four (4) 40-ton Double-Hoist Overhead Cranes
  • 38’-0” Hook Height

Efficiency and Excellence at Reagan Power & Compression

At Reagan Power & Compression, we understand the importance of managing labor and production inventories effectively to ensure optimal efficiency and timely deliveries. From power generators to compressor manufacturers, our skilled team works diligently to streamline operations and maintain accurate inventory levels, ultimately contributing to the smooth execution of projects.

With our cutting-edge facilities and robust capabilities, we are well-equipped to handle a wide range of projects in the power and compression industry. Whether it’s welding, fabrication, engine overhauls, or package assembly, our facilities offer the space, equipment, and expertise needed to deliver exceptional results.